Brew Guides

Our specialty coffees are hand-roasted in Berlin and of course they taste best if they are prepared with care, and with time. These brewing instructions are supposed to give you a good starting point for preparing your favorite specialty coffee brew. No more and no less. You will have to experiment a little on your way to your own perfect cup, because the grinder you use, the coffee you choose and even the water will influence the taste of the coffee you will get in the end. Therefore, we invite you to view these instructions as guidelines rather than laws set in stone – and ultimately figure out your favorite method of brewing your own specialty coffee, just the way you like it best.

We ourselves love all of the following brewing methods because they all give you a very tasty cup of coffee. One method may be faster than the other or the third requires more manual skill: but each one is exciting and bring something unique to your specialty coffee. First of all, we would like to recommend the most important rule of thumb for preparing a great cup of coffee: Buy only good coffee beans and always grind them fresh. Once you’ve done this part, almost nothing can go wrong.

Good luck!