Su Nandar Linn

Shwe Ywar Ngan Coffee Farm, Ywar Ngan, Myanmar

The finest specialty coffees - FIRSTCRACK Coffee Roasters Berlin - Su Nandar Linn, Myanmar

The coffee farm of Su Nandar Linn is located in Ywar Ngan in the south of the Shan State. A few years ago, her father U Win Aung Kyaw handed over his farm, which has existed since 1975, to his eldest daughter Su Nandar. She belongs to the youngest generation of coffee farmers who are truly breaking new ground. With their passion for experimentation and their quality thinking they have brought their coffee to the highest international levels within only a few years. Sun Nandar’s coffee scored 85.33 SCA points in the Myanmar Coffee Competition.

Finest specialty coffee - FIRSTCRACK Coffee Roasters Berlin - Su Nandar Linn, Myanmar

Hundreds of farmers work in the area on small plots, each between one and five acres in size. Here they tend the land that they inherited from their ancestors. Since pesticides and chemical fertilizers are banned in the community, the coffee farmers produce their coffee in an ecological style, although there is still no official organic certificate. The coffee cherries are only picked by hand, sorted several times and processed into honey or great washed coffees. The coffees of the small farmers in the area are also processed in the pulp and washing station on the Shwe Ywar Ngan Coffee Farm. The way Su Nandar works gives her full control and traceability of every single coffee sack.

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